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Latah Creek Alpacas, breeding elite suri alpacas since 1995.

Suri Alpaca Females of Distinction!

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Female Suri Alpacas
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Suri Alpaca Herdsires


Dams only produce one offspring a year while machos can produce many offspring in a given year. For this reason females don't receive the same notoriety as males, however the females are equally as important as males when it comes to producing each exceptional alpaca. The dam contributes half the genetic material of each individual alpaca's genotype while the sire contributes the other half.

We place an equal amount of emphasis on the dam and her bloodlines as we do males when making selection decisions. Selection is the process of determining which animals of a population are allowed to have progeny and contribute their genes to future generations. The intensity and accuracy of the selection process will play a significant role in a breeding programs success. The purpose of selection is to increase the frequency of favorable genes within a breeding programs foundation herd.

Pedigree information is valuable as part of the selection process because each individual receives half of its' genetic material from each parent. For this reason we have information on our foundation dams readily available on our website. All the dams and granddams that we have information on are linked to the individual alpacas records. You can access this information simply by clicking on any highlighted alpacas name.

Following is a sample list of foundation dams used in our elite suri breeding program. While some of our foundation dams may not listed on this portion of our site, their individual information is available by links to any alpaca featured on our sales list, etc. If you would like additional information on any of our foundation dams or can't find the dam you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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