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Latah Creek Alpacas, breeding elite suri alpacas since 1995.

LCA Suri Herdsires

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Suri Alpaca Herdsires

The trademark of a successful breeding program is its` herdsires. Nothing imparts quality to a herd as quickly as a high quality, pre-potent herdsire. We use only herdsires with impeccable pedigrees, combined with champion show records, and superior fleece production records. We believe our herdsires have the highest degree of homozygous genes for those traits we are striving to develop, particularly large bone, legs with proper angulation, well balanced overall proportions, bodies with good spring of rib, a straight top line, heads with a short wedge shaped muzzle, large flaring nostrils with spear shaped ears covered with a well locked top knot. Our primary fleece goals are luster, lock, density, and fineness. As a result of being highly selective with our herdsires, we are consistently producing elite, world-class, suri alpacas.

With the integration of the Latah Creek herdsires, we have a remarkable group of elite herdsires from outstanding bloodlines.

You, too, can tap into this incredible collection of alpaca genetics when you breed your females to our outstanding, world-class herdsires.

At Chelsea Farms, breeding services include:

  • Live birth guarantee
  • Verification of pregnancy by ultrasound. We can usually do two different ultrasounds, 30 days apart, ensuring your female is safe with cria before returning home.
  • Normal Breeding-related veterinary care
  • Free board for up to 60 days
  • Wide selection of award-winning herdsires
  • Discount for multiple breedings (reserved and paid in full at the same time) to most solely-owned Chelsea Farms herdsires. Discounts are not available for Co-owned herdsires.


  • All visiting females will be quarantined from our herd, and housed with other visiting females for the duration of their stay.
  • In order to protect your female and minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases we require the following health documents from a licensed veterinarian. Any female arriving without the required health papers will be refused.
    1. State required certificate of health papers (dated within 30 days of arrival)
    2. Fecal exam indicating that the alpaca is free from all internal parasites including coccidia. (dated within 30 days of arrival)
    3. Indication that your alpaca has received a worming treatment within 30 days of arrival.
    4. Negative PCR test for BVD.

    Your understanding and compliance with our biosecurity measures will provide peace of mind for all of us. You can expect your female to return bred to the herdsire you chose, healthy and confirmed pregnant.
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    Suri Alpaca Herdsires
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