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Latah Creek Alpacas, breeding elite suri alpacas since 1995.

About Suri Alpacas

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Randy & Beth Brealey
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Suri Alpaca Herdsires


Suris are a special breed of alpaca. There are only about 18,000 suris in the United States and a mere 25,000 to 65,000 worldwide. This makes the suri extremely rare and thus more desirable among many breeders and nonparticipating investors.

Although the suri gene is dominant, it is possible to produce a Huacaya particularly if breeders don't adhere to strict breeding programs of breeding only suri to suri. Still, even with careful breeding a heterozygous Suri will produce huacaya cria.

Suri fiber is different from huacaya fiber in two ways. It is very fine and lustrous and it has no crimp. Suri fiber commands a premium in the wool market! Don Julio Barrado at Estancia Accoyo has been selectively breeding suris for many years. His Accoyo suris are the said to be the purist in the world. At Latah Creek Alpacas we take great pride in using Accoyo herdsires and keeping the breed pure. We hope this ultimately helps the suri breed to survive. Suris will secure your future in the alpaca industry!

Suri Fleece
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